Welcome to the official Bytemind Website!

>What is Bytemind about?

Bytemind is a webcomic about a robot named Paz and his friend J-Mod. The small planet they live on is ruled by an evil dictator named Byte Thousandstar. He's brainwashed all of the planet's inhabitants to do his bidding and obey only him using a helmet type device called "The Bytemind". Paz and J-Mod now live life as the last remaining rebels on the planet to fight against Dictator Thousandstar and his army.

>How long will this webcomic be?

Bytemind won't be too long, I'm estimating about ~20 issues for the whole thing. I currently have close to half scripted as of now. Although Bytemind won't be entirely too long, I have major plans to make a new comic afterwards picking up where Bytemind ends off.

>What is the expected tone and atmosphere of this comic?

The comic's tone is bleak and dark, but still maintaining a lighthearted tone at moments. I know pretty dark comics can be a turn-off to some, so I assure you, Bytemind isn't all gritty. It has some pretty nice moments of character interaction and development as well!

>Who the hell is making this thing?

I am, duh. My name is Danielle Maxine, Dani, for short. I am an animator and artist. My portfolio mainly consists of Animation, but I've always wanted to dabble in comics. I used to make comics as a kid for fun, and I remember enjoying making them. I also really enjoy creating indepth universes with intertwining characters and storylines, so I think what I have planned now is perfect for me.

>What the hell is ToxicCat Studio??

ToxicCat Studio is a studio created by me and my friends. All it really is at this current moment in time is just a Discord server where we talk about ideas and such.

>Where and how can I contact you?

If you would like to contact me for any requests or even fanart, here's my contact details.

Discord: ★DaniJam★#2962

E-Mail: DvComics19@gmail.com

Some advice: I am more likely to respond on Discord than E-Mail, but if you're looking for a more professional approach, go to E-Mail.